16+ Banbury Young Homelessness Project (BYHP) – Schools Project

Director and Ex teacher, Julie Briggs remains passionate about supporting and developing young people whether it be through employing apprentices at JBR or volunteering for Banbury Young Homelessness project.

Local schools have welcomed Justin Donovan from BYHP and Julie, into assemblies and lessons to raise awareness of the services offered by the local project. The lessons are based around preventative actions and aim to give the students strategies to avoid homelessness in the first instance. Below is an example of a lesson plan that will be delivered by Julie and Justin to Key stage 4 pupils.

Jamie Briggs Removals will be running a half marathon at Heyford Base on June 11th for BYHP and The Asthma Society.

Lesson Plan Outline

Learning outcomes

  1. The pupils will have a better understanding of the difficulties of homelessness.
  2. The pupils will be better equipped to prevent themselves becoming homeless.
  3. The pupils will understand the importance of engaging with school.
  4. The pupils will have an understanding of the services BYHP provide for young people.


Introduce Justin and BYHP

What do you know about BYHP?

We are going to cover the following today:

  1. The stress of being a young person
  2. a) The stress of being a parent/carer
    b) Strategies for dealing with your parents/carers
  3. Why young people become homeless
  4. What difficulties you will face if you become homeless
  5. How can you prevent the above from happening?

Expected answers

What stress do young people have?

  • Peer pressure
  • Extended families
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Sexuality
  • Relationship issues
  • Expectations from parents/carers and not living up to them
  • Failure / how success is measured
  • Finances
  • Not being heard / listened to

What stress do parents/carers have? 

  • Financial
  • Unemployment

  • Domestic violence
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Extended families
  • Responsibility of being a parent/carer – letting a young person go out into the world
  • Children not understanding these pressures and being very selfish and self absorbed.

Why do young people become homeless?

  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Sexuality
  • Mental health issues
  • Not being able to distinguish between their 'needs' and their 'wants
  • Risk taking – not thinking through the consequences of their actions
  • Not planning ahead

Difficulties you face if you become homeless.

Where shall I go? – leads to sofa surfing and friendships may become strained or even break down

Affordable housing is very difficult to access as benefits do not cover outgoings

Private rental is almost impossible as it is too expensive – in and around Banbury it can start at £650 plus

A single room in a house share may be feasible, but still expensive

If you are lucky enough to find a room, you will require a deposit and possibly a month's rent in advance

Hostel provision is in Oxford which may not suit the young person, as it is too far from friends and family


How can you prevent the above from happening?

Early communication with teachers, parents/carers, friends
BYHP has counselling and family mediation available.
Listening skills – for parents/carers and young people
Plan carefully if no alternative – get employment/part time work, prioritise your money

What strategies can be implemented to help young people argue less with parents/carers?
Listening skills for parents/carers and pupils
How can young people get their parents/carers to listen to them?

Please visit the BHYP web site and support them if you can!