The house is packed up and ready for the move but what about the garden?

Hints and Tips for moving your garden

Prepare ahead of time

Moving a garden can be a bigger job than you think so don't underestimate how much transportation may be needed for your plants. Inform the removal company what you will be taking as they take up a lot of space in the lorry and need to be accounted for.

Pick your favourite most important plants

Don't try to move too much. As much as you love your garden, only move the plants that you plan to keep. There is no point moving, and possibly killing, a perfectly good plant if there is no room for it in your new garden.

Digging your plants up

Ensure you dig out the entire root in a circle shape including a large amount of soil. Place them in larger pots when they are out of the soil which will allow them to continue to grow. Keep them watered if possible or ask the removal company to do it for you especially if they have to go into store….. We do!

Good Luck and we hope your new soil suits your plants.

Posted: 1st June 2016

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