Crate Rental

Oxford Area Crate Hire

Jamie Briggs Removals and Storage Ltd. supply crates for direct hire or as part of your commercial move. They are also available for long-term crate hire or for purchase.

The crates are made from strong durable plastic and are ideal for packing your desk contents and pc’s into. Each type of crate is designed to nest one inside the other when empty and to stack when filled, where they have integral lids they are shower-proof.

Jamie Briggs Removals and Storage Ltd. are also pleased to offer a crate estimating and advisory service to ensure that you are supplied the correct quantity and type of crate and the appropriate ancillary equipment for your project. This service is completely free of charge and without obligation.


L3 LiddedL3 lidded

Standard Internal dimensions: 598mm x 375mm x 307mm

These are fitted with an integral lid and would usually be used for the general contents of desks, cupboards and cabinets. They can be sealed for security if required.
The CT1 crate can accommodate most requirements.

IT3 Computer CrateIT3 Computer crate

Internal dimensions: 700mm x 470mm x 470mm

These are large enough to take screens, CPUs and keyboards, together with all cabling.
They come equipped with integral lids.

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