We offer a range of storage services to meet our customers’ differing needs. Whether it’s for home, business, specialist (books, fine-art, antiques or artefacts) student or bespoke, our 76,000 square feet of warehouse space with its 24-hour on-site security (manned gated entrance, security checks and CCTV surveillance) is the perfect solution.

Options are affordable and effective. They include everything from short- or long-term storage in crates, containers or rooms which you can access your items as and when you require. Our warehouses are clean and dry and are managed by a dedicated warehouse manager. Thanks to large vehicle access and a forklifting service we can handle items of any size. Plus, if you need to remove or add items whilst a container is in storage, it can be opened in your presence and the inventory updated.

We also offer:


We are proud to be full members of the British Association of Removers. This membership is both a seal of approval and also offers security for our customers, including protection of advanced payments:

Certificate of Membership

Advanced Payment Guarantee Trust Fund Certificate

BAR CTSI Code of Practice Certificate

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Archiving documents off-site can save valuable space on your premises and make retrieving documents much easier. If you are an individual or a business looking for safe and secure offsite archival document storage, then look no further. We can provide you with simple, easy to understand, cost effective and reliable solutions for putting information you no longer use regularly, into secure storage for extended periods of time.

Essentially, we manage your documents for you. You put them into archive boxes which we provide, ensuring they are labelled correctly. We then collect the boxes and enter them into our archive system. When you request a document, we have several options available:

  • Scan them and send them to you when asked
  • Deliver individual hard copy documents to you when requested
  • Scan your paper documents before destroying them via secure onsite shredder

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