Gunnersbury Museum Fire – Collection of Carriages and bicycles carefuly moved

It was with great sadness that we attended the aftermath of a fire at Gunnersbury Museum on Saturday where 60 Firefighters and 8 fire engines dragged three 19th Century horse-drawn carriages from the Gunnersbury Park Café. A specialised conservation team and Jamie Briggs Removals technicians transported the Rothschild’s carriages to a restoration Company following the call from Harwells Restoration Ltd. who we have close links with. Indeed, we had recently moved one of the carriages for the museum to its new standing place. 

During this period of time when we appear to be pulling together as a nation more than ever before and as an historian in a former life, Julie Briggs found it very emotional to see such historic pieces fire damaged and difficult to believe that someone would even think of doing such a thing which could have resulted in the loss of such unique, historical items.

On a lighter note, the Penny Farthing was hard enough to wheel onto the ramps let alone ride!  

All the very best to Gunnersbury Conservation team with their restoration programme and we look forward to transporting the restored items back to London for all to be able to see again soon.

Posted: 1st June 2020

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