Trowbridge Museum move July 2019 – Return July 2020

We were delighted to be contracted to move Trowbridge museums unique and significant collections of Textile related machinery, and collections including a very rare Spinning Jenny, woollen cloth samples, tools and other materials related to the West of England woollen cloth industry. They were transported to Heyford Park to be heat treated before going into local storage to ensure that no pests were stored alongside the items.

The temporary move, which began in July 2019, was to make way for a multimillion pound expansion project funded by The Heritage Lottery and Trowbridge Town Council. In addition, we also moved a wide-ranging collection of objects and collections which demonstrate the social and cultural history of the people of Trowbridge, its parishes and its significant citizens including poet George Crabbe and the inventor of Phonographic Shorthand Sir Isaac Pitman.

Other significant and interesting collections included – the Aplin collection, the Lansdown Collection, the Morrison Collection and the Taylor Collection.

The construction team have done an amazing job in refurbishing the building to enable us to move the extremely valuable items and collections back in to its new home. This includes a large learning space which will give visitors the opportunity to engage with the past history of the West Country cloth industry.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff from Trowbridge Museum who are truly passionate about their collections and sharing it with the public. We look forward to visiting in August when you hopefully re open to the public.

Posted: 29th June 2020

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