Royal Navy museum library move

Portsmouth Naval base has been an integral part of the City of Portsmouth since the 12 Century. Over the past 10 years the Navy Museum has been on an incredible journey merging the four Royal Navy Service museums together. The result is the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

We were delighted to be appointed to support this complex project that included packing and moving the library, various art works, archives, numerous larger historical artefacts and other items between multiple sites. This was all done safely, securely and in a timely way by our experienced, dedicated and professional team, despite the additional challenges that were presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Navy has a special place in the Briggs family having seen both Jamie’s father and brother serve their country. And we thoroughly enjoyed our time with Alex, Sadie and their teams and look forward to being able to support them again in the future.

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Posted: 3rd March 2021

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